Medical emergency preparedness

OHS has made technology investments over the years. Since 2018, OHS and IBM have collaborated to create a cutting-edge virtual examination room (VER).

A virtual examination room is a digital setting that replicates the experience of an actual examination room. It includes the following: 

Remote patient consultations, which can speed up the delivery of care and reduce waiting times. 

Remote diagnosis and monitoring, which eliminates the need for in-person visits by performing diagnostic tests and remotely monitoring patients. 

Built-in medical equipment to collect patient data so that results and information are promptly and conveniently available to clinicians. 

A better patient experience as patients can access healthcare from the convenience of their onshore or offshore office. 



Emergency Preparedness Training

Provide professional medical trainings that covers both onsite and remote (video consultation) methods. 

OHS strives to equip medical staff with the abilities and information required to advance their proficiency and understanding to develop a high level of competence and be able to give the finest possible medical care to patients.

The training will be specifically created to meet our customers needs.